What started out as a career in interior design, soon blossomed into a love for fashion. This passion led to refining and perfecting Ahlam’s creative talents through dressmaking.  After many successful years of satisfied clients, Ahlam wanted her art, not herself, to be the shining star.  Thus, in 2006 Ahlam Design Studio was born.  

For over 15 years, Ahlam Design Studio has been creating wonderful works-of-art, best known to its customers as Delicately Handbuilt Jewelry.  These incredibly majestic yet intricate pieces continue to bring joy and splendor to its owners year after year.

Ahlam’s beautiful works have been exhibited and sold at many locations throughout Atlanta including the High Museum of Art Gift Shop, the Topaz Gallery, as well as the Jewelry and Gift Shop at the Four Seasons Hotel.  


From opals to diamonds, from bronze to silver and gold, these precious materials are purchased separately, sometimes long before the creation process commences.  What begins as an intricate sketch, is soon crafted into an amazing work of art.

The precious metal, normally received as a small sheet, will be cut, etched, formed, or otherwise fashioned and readied for the uniting of its precious gems.  Depending on its complexity, a single piece of jewelry can yield anywhere from 10 to over 50 hours in the creation process.  Additionally, to protect and properly display each precious stone, only the most professional types of stone settings are used including prong, shared-prong, bezel, half-bezel, fishtail, channel, pave’, bar and/or a combination of many techniques.

Much like an artist’s painting, even though the creator can attempt to make a duplicate, no two pieces are exactly the same. This ensures each piece is uniquely special to its owner. How much one will invest is subject to the amount, and type of metals and precious stones used, as well as the total creative hours (TCH) for a particular piece. 

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