Best Antivirus For Android

Android devices are not guaranteed to be safe from malware. Google has tried to remove malware-ridden apps from its Play Store but a few have managed to get past this process. Malware isn’t only annoying – it could also steal your data, lock you out of your device, and give away your computing power to hackers.

Fortunately the antivirus software available for Android can assist in keeping these threats at bay. The best Android antivirus will include robust malware detection capabilities, useful security tools, and even anti-theft features. A majority of them will provide a free version to test the security and performance.

Kaspersky is often regarded as the top antivirus application for Android since it provides top-quality protection against malware and has a low impact on performance. This app has an excellent record of performance in independent lab tests. The paid version comes with a helpful blocker of calls, as well as other security features.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is among the most full-featured Android antivirus apps. Its malware protection score nearly perfect in our tests. It also comes with a variety of other useful features like Wi-Fi network alert as well as junk clean-up of files. It’s less user-friendly and its call-blocking function didn’t work during our tests.

Avira is a powerful malware detection and prevention tool. It has a sleek interface, and has a low impact on the system. It also has advanced security tools like a privacy advisor and a memory optimizer. It also has a fantastic anti-theft feature and affordable premium plans that can cover multiple phones for one price.

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